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Hunan Outlet of Shanghai Ellai Bathware Grandly Opens

  Ellai has unveiled ano ...
Ellai News | 2016-09-30

Ellai Launches Intelligent Toilet Seats

Newly launched on July 29th, 2 ...
Ellai News | 2016-08-03

2016 New Fortune Presentation of Future Lies with Ellai Successfully Concluded

Held in Kerry Hotel at Pudong ...
Ellai News | 2016-07-07

Background Story of Ellai Explored by CCTV’s Voyages of Discovery Program “Quality”

From May 3rd to 8th 2016 ...
Ellai News | 2016-07-04

Ellai Bathware Makes Its Stunning Debut at China International Kitchen and Bathroom Expo

The 21st China International K ...
Ellai News -2007太阳城 | 2016-07-04

Mirror Glaze: Ellai’s Innovative Patent of Antibacterial Glaze

Mirror glaze, Ellai’s ne ...
Ellai News | 2016-07-05

Ellai Bathware Products Comes with Lifelong Quality Warranty

Attaching great importance to ...
Ellai News | 2016-05-30

Enjoy Great Relaxation of Ellai Acrylic Massage Bathtub

Staying quietly in the bathroo ...
Ellai News -www.2139.com | 2016-05-30